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Mike Domel proposed this tax in 2009. He believes it is appropriate to try again.

Federal Agriculture Relief Tax (FART)

DCF stimulus program and cow fart reduction act of 2009 (revised 2019)

Whereas anyone over 50 knows the older we get the more we expel gas into the atmosphere (Example: fish and bubbles), and since older cows expel more gas, we shall initiate the FART stimulus program.

All farmers and ranchers will receive $1000 rebate for each head when selling their cows after they have reached the age of ten years. This will vastly eliminate the 18% of greenhouse gases according to the study conducted by Dr. Barry Popkim.

The program will be financed by a new tax (Democrats will love this).  A twenty cent per lb. of processed meat will fund FART. The tax will be charged on all meat, domestic and imported; so, the other countries will help clean our air. Trump likes other countries paying for our stuff.

Since the number of cows coming to market will increase, the price of hamburger drops in the stores. Housewives are happy. A farmer with 40 old cows sells them at the sale barn. Farmer receives $40,000 + salvage.  Sale barns and farmers are happy.

Farmer has $40,000 plus salvage. He will buy replacement heifers and raise the value of heifers. He has $40000 left in his pocket. He will go out and buy a new truck.

The increase of new truck sales helps GM and Ford saving millions of jobs.

The bankers will love this program because they can loan money to the farmer on a heifer and have guarantee salvage at 10 years of age. Since the cow must be identified by date of birth and Country of Origin Labeling, as well as animal ID, the folks with animal health commission and USDA will love the program because it makes their jobs even more secure.

Since we are putting more heifers into replacement programs there will be fewer cattle in feed lots. The price of heifers goes up because of the demand. Fewer cattle in feed lots means higher prices for fat cattle. CAB steaks will demand higher prices. People running feed lots are happy.

More farm land will be converted to pasture land because the demand for corn will be down. Less corn reduces the use of fertilizer and pesticides; environmentalists are happy. Less irrigation because of the smaller demand for cattle feed replenishes the water tables. There’s more water for the city folks to water their lawns, so they’re happy. More corn for the production of ethanol lowers the price of gas for our autos; drivers like this.

FART will improve the value and quality of beef and totally eliminate BSE by slaughtering cows at a younger age. This safe, reliable food supply will encourage packing houses to expand, creating more jobs and a greater property tax value, which is good for schools

Some say Bull Shit; I say organic farming and it is entirely shovel-ready.

By the way, it saves on health care and insurance because laughter is good for your health; therefore, it will save billions of dollars on government health care.

Everyone wins!

Remember to vote for FART.